Update: Life Changes

Life is constantly changing. Every. Single. Day. I realized that I haven't written or posted anything on here since early August! Wow, time really flies. A part of me is sorry that I haven't written on here in a while, but another part of me doesn't care for a few reasons. This website will always be here, social media will probably always be here (unless an apocalypse happens anytime soon). I wanted to spend more time in the moment, work on my personal and professional life for a hot second. I needed a break from all of it, so I took one. I needed to re-prioritize, so I did.

One of the main reasons I have been MIA is because I got a new full time job! Yay! I am working at Children's Hospital in their diet office and my time/energy has been shifted to a different focus. I feel bad because I have neglected my social media presence but I realized I had to take a step back to get a full perspective of what I wanted my life to look like and how I wanted to spend my time. I needed to focus on training for my new job, understanding my role and attempt to direct my energy towards my work day instead.

I had been applying for jobs but this job transition at the hospital ended up happening fast. I also new I wanted to cut back from personal training for several reasons. Just to clarify, I was personal training full time, and teaching group classes at Rise Nation and F45 Sloan's Lake before I started work at the hospital in August. I loved it! I loved my clients, planning my own schedule and working out at the gym when I had a break in between clients. I loved the gyms I worked at, and the other trainers there. A home gym is like a family for me, and I have always enjoyed spending time at the gyms I've previously worked at.  But I needed a mental transition from fitness and I felt like I didn't have enough challenging nutrition work in my life. I was feeling bored on a daily basis and I went to bed every night feeling a little empty, wondering how I could better utilize my skills and make a larger impact.

The change has been good and I've been happier with the intellectual stimulation that the hospital brings. But change is hard sometimes. It was hard to say good bye to some of my clients, and the gym I had been training at for two years. But I think everything in life happens for a reason and I felt ready to move on. I new I had some work to get done in my personal life, in my relationship, my friendships and I had to care for myself a little bit more. I needed to transition in order to do this and the people that care about me understood and were happy for me to move on, so that was good. And I am in a better place now. I feel like I have more of a sense of purpose.

I am still working at F45 Sloan's Lake (right now just a few days per week) and I am teaching at Rise Nation one class per week. I have stepped back from blogging and tracking my fitness because I needed a break. I absolutely love everything fitness and nutrition related and I am so passionate about it. And I still want to make it my life goal to share how wonderful health is! But on occasion my head messes with me and my perception of health is altered. When you feel like you have eyes on you, sometimes you want to back up into a corner and hide, ya know? Also, after doing 5 fitness competitions I was a little tired of posting so many workouts. I was also so busy with the transition that I wasn't cooking in the kitchen as much and had little inspiration to create food at home because my job at the Hospital is mainly food service related. 

So what's next? I have NO CLUE. But I am enjoying healthcare and the hospital's mission and philosophy. I love working with kids and their families at the Hospital. Maybe I should do a blog post on my job there? But aside from my full time job, I have so many things that I want to do though, so many goals I want to achieve. I am so inspired! I have to remind myself that I am only 26, I have so much time! Nothing is rushed, and nothing happens overnight.

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