Sweat Log

Here is my weekly sweat log from last week. All of my workouts from Monday through Saturday are in here. I also got at least 10,000 steps logged (including these workouts) on my fitbit. I try to add variety to my workouts during the week. When I was competing in my bikini competitions I was forced to stick to a strict regimen and it took me a while to bounce back and enjoy workouts after that. Now I find myself craving variety and outdoor workouts with the weather being nice and all. I was also on vacation towards the end of the week so my workouts were a little less intense on vaca.

So here is last week's workouts!

Monday: Leg workout at ATO Fitness

I did a leg workout at the gym I do personal training at with one of my clients. It was a tough one for sure. We did:

  • 25 barbell deadlifts superset with 25 elevated Bulgarian single leg lunges (light weight)
  • 20 barbell deadlifts (add weight) superset with 20 elevated Bulgarian single leg lunges (add weight)
  • 15 barbell deadlifts (add weight) superset with 15 elevated Bulgarian single leg lunges (add weight)
  • 10 barbell deadlifts (add weight) superset with 10 elevated Bulgarian single leg lunges (add weight)
  • 5 barbell deadlifts (add weight) superset with 5 elevated Bulgarian single leg lunges (add weight)

Then we kept our highest weight that we did for the set of 5 reps for our deadlifts and threw a squat sponge on for hip thrusts. We kept the rep scheme (25, 20, 15, 10 and 5) and did a superset of barbell hip thrusts at the same weight and then TRX jump lunges.


Tuesday: F45 Sloan's Lake Tokyo Disco (interval time 35 sec work, 25 sec rest, 3 sets per exercise).

Because I am a trainer at F45 I like to modify particular exercises often. For example if my knee injury acts up I will do more deadlifts than squats. I don't like to do push-ups at all (protecting the boobies and my chest is already striated when I lean out) so I'll do a shoulder exercise instead. For this particular workout a girlfriend and I added the XBands resistance bands for all of the leg exercises for a little extra burn and muscle activation.

This is what we did:

  • Lower body pod: double weighted ball hamstring curls, dumbbell goblet squats, revo bar reverse lunges, barbell deadlifts, sandbag squats, and dead ball good mornings.
  • Upper body pod: Ab toe touches (modification), dumbbell bicep hammer curls, seated dumbbell shoulder press (modification), sandbag bent over rows, chin-ups, bench dips.

It was a goodie. I for sure broke a sweat about 5 minutes in.

Wednesday: Rise Nation level 2 class. I am an instructor there so after I taught my level 1 class at 5:30pm (which was also a great sweat, but I am only on the climber for half of the 30 minute class), I took a level 2. Such a good sweat.

Thursday: 'Rest Day' But my rest days are rarely full rest days (which is something I want to work on a little more). I taught a Rise Nation level 1 class in the morning and then taught a group class at ATO. I still broke a sweat and was moving around during both of these class times.

Friday: 4mi walk (ran 1.5 of it) with my boyfriend, Tommy. This was the beginning of our vacation weekend in Michigan (we were there for a wedding) so the heat and humidity hit us hard.

Saturday: 4mi hotel treadmill run in 90 degree weather. Isn't it great when the AC doesn't work in a hotel gym? JUST THE BEST. Argh. But I still did an interval run for 4 mi and worked up a good sweat doing so.

Sunday: True Rest Day.


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