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My schedule has been so crazy busy and this past week was my third week at my new job. I got a new job at a diet office in a hospital and it is getting my even more fired up about nutrition. As a result my workouts have changed a little bit and have been put on the back burner. However, I have been consistently keeping track of everything because I feel like it holds me accountable. Even if no one ever reads this I still have my workouts documented so if I want to go back and reference them I can.

This week's sweat log is actually a combination of two weeks worth of workouts. Even though my schedule has been changing I've still gotten  several days of solid workouts in. I always try to get 2-3 days of cardio and 2-3 days of lifting in and at least one rest day. I used to never rest so allotting one rest day is a huge accomplishment for me. Here is what I did two weeks ago (7/29-8/4):

Monday: Leg workout at the CU Anschutz Gym

Monday I was feeling fresh and rested from two full days off this weekend so I lifted heavy with high volume. I was so excited to see this gym had 3 versa climbers! I went over and climbed on them to test them out. Then one of the managers came over to see what I was doing and asked me if I needed help... opps. But the versa climber is such a great warm-up.

  • Versa climber x10 min warm up
  • Smith machine hip thrust x25,20,15,10 reps (add weight each time)
  • Superset with hyper-extensions x12 reps /4 sets
  • Banded leg press x 25, 20,15,10 reps
  • Deadlifts x 12,10,8 reps superset with overhead dumbbell walking lunges
  • 5 minute stationary bike cool down

Tuesday: I tried out a new gym in Denver called Duality Fitness. I did a HIIT circuit class of treadmill and sled push intervals with ski erg and push-ups. Check out their website to se their full workout line-up list. It's awesome. They are like a combination of Orange Theory Fitness and Core Power Yoga but with great equipment and amazing lighting. So fun!

Here was the workout: 10 minute AMRAP

  • .3 Treadmill run
  • 12 Resistance band squats
  • 20 Resistance band jump squats
  • 12 Resistance band RDLs w/ a kettlebell
  • 12 Resistance band squat rows (band was attached to the treadmill)

10 minute AMRAP:

  • Ski Erg for 75 meters w/ an ab twist (face sideways in front of the ski erg and work those abs) for both sides
  • 16 total TRX bicep curls and narrow rows (8 of each, alternating)
  • 20 TRX ab crunches

Wednesday: 2.5 mi run. I was honestly pretty tired physically so this is all I had in me. It was enough though! Still got my steps in, boom!

Thursday: F45 Sloan's Lake Romans strength day workout. Per usual this had several squat and deadlift stations. I took out most of the squats and did deadlifts instead. Squats don't feel awesome for my knee injury from a few years back.

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: Bodies By Perseverance leg workout. This is an awesome gym in Five Points in Denver. I went with a girlfriend to a small group training workout at 6am on Saturday morning. I don't know why or how I got up that early on a Saturday morning to go workout. But we had planned to go up to the mountains and camp and drink all day while floating on the Platte River. So, I knew if I didn't get a workout in early enough I wouldn't get any activity in that day. It also made me feel better about drinking all day (even though I still passed out at 7pm haha). Here was the workout:

7 minute rounds of:

  • Sled push x 4-5 sets each
  • Dumbbell deadlifts superset with seated leg extensions x20, 15, 10, 8
  • Banded hip thrusts superset with banded leg press x 20 reps/4 sets
  • Landmine hack squat 5 reps of pulses low, mid and high /15 reps full range of motion /30 reps full range of motion

Week 2, August 5-11:

Monday + Tuesday: Rise Nation Highlands classes (30 minutes). Level 1 and Level 2. I had planned to go to F45 one day but the classes was full with people on the waiting-list when I arrived so I decided to give my spot to a full time member.

Wednesday: CU Anschutz workout. I did a full body workout but had a terrible headache so it only lasted about 40 minutes.

  • Versa climber full body warm-up for 8 minutes
  • Smith machine hip thrusts x15 reps /3 sets
  • Assisted pull-up machine x10 reps /3 sets
  • Barbell deadlifts x12 reps /3 sets
  • Standing Arnold press x10 reps superset with seated lateral to front raises x 12 reps

Thursday: Rise Nation Highlands level 2 class (30 minutes) + I taught a level 2 class after that.

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Duality Fitness Circuit class with a few girlfriends. It was a 45 minute class with 2 fifteen minute intervals plus a warm up and stretch cool down. I am loving the concept of this place. We did 2 fifteen minute sets of HIIT cardio. The first one was a combination of Treadmill running, kettle bell squat press, sit ups and kettlebell swings. The second was ski erg, TRX pull-ups and reverse lunges. There were 2 minute finishers at the end of each round.

Sunday: F45 Renegade strength day workout. It had 6 pods of 3 stations each, 35 seconds of work, 25 seconds of rest with 2 laps through the pod. This is probably all gibberish if you aren't familiar with F45 but it was basically a strength training day with 18 stations of lifting including upper body, lower body and abs. There were a few bicep curls exercises, dumbbell shoulder presses, planks, V-ups, lunges and single leg deadlifts. If you are in the Denver area ad have never tried F45, you need to try it at some point.

Thanks guys! I hope you are having an awesome week and are totally crushing your workouts and enjoying the warm weather.

xo Kenzie



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