Sweat Log

Monday: Crossfit Broadway workout.

  • 6 Min AMRAP: 12 calorie row and 7 Devils press
  • 6 Min AMRAP: 10 chest to bar pull-ups (I did kipping pull-ups) and 18 wall balls (14lb ball)

Repeat 2x. OUCH. This was a tough one, I was sweating balls by the time I was done. I made it 3 rounds the first and second time on the first AMRAP and then only 2 rounds on the second part both times. I ended up ripping my hands pretty bad and they started bleeding from hanging from the bar.

Tuesday: Armbrust Pro Gym leg workout with a girlfriend. We did a leg workout that was similar to one I did during my last competition prep.

  • Reverse hack squats x6-8 reps (add weight each set) superset with laying hamstring curls x6-8 reps for 5 sets total
  • Hypertensions with added weight x12 reps superset with 15 single leg hamstring curls for 4 sets total
  • RDLs x10 reps superset with overhead weighted walking lunges x 20 reps for 3 sets
  • Smith machine hip thrusts x10 reps, superset with dumbbell sumo squats x 10 reps and weighted deficit single leg reverse lunges for 3 sets

Wednesday: 3.5mi run in around 8:30am before it was scorching hot outside.

Thursday: Rest Day + Rise Nation (taught class) + 10 mi bike ride (to and from the gyms I work at in the 95 degree weather).

Friday: Lower body workout at ATO Fitness + Rise Nation (taught class).

3 exercises in a superset, each set for 3 rounds total

  • Romanian Deadlifts x12 reps
  • Seated hamstring curls x 20 reps
  • Banded stair walk x 1 minute

Saturday: 13mi hike with a girlfriend at Lair of the Bear.

Sunday: F45 Sloan's Lake All Star Strength day workout. Two leg tri-sets, two upper body tri-sets. The intervals where 40 sec work, 20 sec rest.

Lair of the Bear hike (13 miles total) Morrison, CO
Lair of the Bear hike (13 miles total) Morrison, CO

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