Sweat Log

What a week. This week's workouts were a little more low key. I wasn't interested in lifting heavy and my body wanted more cardio, so that's what I did. It is also tough for me to be inside on warm, sunny summer days. Here is what I did this week:


Monday: Upper body high rep workout at ATO Fitnesss. 

I worked out with a client of mine and we did several supersets of arms. Here is what we did:

  • Seated neutral grip row x 25 reps superset with wide grip lat pull down x 25 reps for 3 sets
  • Standing barbell military press x 25 reps superset with standing dumbbell lateral raises x 25 reps for 3 sets
  • TRX suspension trainer tricep extensions x25 reps superset with resistance band bicep curls x 25 reps for 3 sets
  • Abs: laying toe to bar touches x 25 reps for 2 sets and TRX suspension trainer mountain climbers x 100 reps.

My arms where shaking after this! I always underestimate high rep workouts because they are lighter weight. I think they will always be easy and they end up being a lot harder. We rested about a minute or less between each set here.

F45 Sloan's Lake

The Triple Double cardio workout had 9 stations of exercises, with 30 sec work, 10 sec of rest, 3 sets per station and 2 laps around the room. It had lots of battle ropes, box jumps, ladder drills, reverse lunges and dead ball slams.

Tuesday: Rise Nation level 2 versa climbing class for 30 minutes.


Wednesday: Crossfit Broaday FIT Class + 3 mi run. The FIT class was a 30 minute partner AMRAP of 12 calories on the assault bike, and 6 kettlebell cleans while the other partner does burpees. Then, every 6 minutes both partners alternated a heavy farmers carry and a front rack heavy carry.


Thursday: Active rest day. I taught a Rise Nation level 1 class.


Friday: 3mi run around the neighborhood. At 11am, in the summer heat. Not the best idea but it was a great sweat!


Saturday: Rest day.


Sunday: F45 Sloan's lake All Star strength day workout. It consisted of 4 pods, 3 stations per pod with timed intervals of 40 sec of work, 20 sec of rest. There were 2 lower body pods and two upper body pods. Squats, dead lifts, bent over rows and dumbbell chest press. Great Sunday sweat!

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