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Staying Healthy During Quarantine

It seems like we have been in Quarantine for 6 months, but I think we just hit that two month mark. The world is crazy right now. Honestly, the stay at home order has not changed my personal lifestyle that much. I still wake up at 4:40am and go to work at the hospital. The only thing that has really changed for me is that now I am not going to F45 2-3 times per week. I am not going out on the weekends with friends. I have more facetime/zoom/houseparty app calls but that's about it. Actually, being somewhat isolated between work and home has helped my social anxiety. I know, this seems opposite of the average person. I get anxious when I know I have to pretend to be extroverted and go to social events. I tend to get overwhelmed and I usually only last an hour. I do much better in small groups of people I know well. I read somewhere that this has something to do with me being an Aquarius too. I don't know if I believe in astrology.

Anyways, since I work at a hospital that is primarily based around healthcare for children, we have only had a few cases of COVID-19 at a time. I work in the food services department in the diet office so I have zero direct patient care. I feel very blessed for this reason and I have been able to stay just as healthy during our Stay At Home order in Colorado.

One of my favorite pass times, going to the grocery store, has turned into a nightmare, so I have been going only 1x per week, if that. I have been suiting up with my mask and hand sanitizer and I've only been grabbing the essentials for time sake. It is challenging though to buy a bunch of produce and have it last for a week. Fruits and vegetables are not supposed to last in the fridge for two weeks. It's a fact guys. No wonder why they canned a lot of fruits and vegetables during the Great Depression.

So, I came up with a list of things that have helped me to be at peace and on track during our stay at home order. Here are a couple tips and tricks (more like daily and weekly routines) that have kept me sane so far. Remember, every day won't be perfect, and your bound to get restless and bored at home. But I just wanted to share my two cents of what has helped me during Quarantine to stay on track:

1.) Plan your workout beforehand. I usually workout after work between 3:30pm and 5:30pm depending on the day. It has been extremely helpful for me to plan out my workout on a post-it note or in my phone for that evening during the day. Even if I just set the exercises or reps, it holds me accountable and there is something about putting it in writing that makes it seem set in stone. There is nothing worse than trying to motivate yourself for a workout and then wasting 25 minutes scrolling social media looking for specific exercises. Plan ahead, it will be a better workout I promise.

2.) Map out your meals for the day. Hopefully this has not changed too much from your normal day to day but if you are working from home, you probably have more food at your fingertips if your kitchen table is your new office. Try to plan out your meals for the day, this will help prevent endless snacking and mindless eating. Plan our your breakfast and lunch, and try to limit your snacks as much as possible, this will help you stay focused on your task at hand during the workday too.

3.) Limit that alcohol. Some of you may be thinking really, Kenzie? That's all there is to do, drink! But that is not the case. Have that to go Margarita to support your local business, or that glass of wine or beer with your steak. But be cautious of how you might be sitting more than normal at home. Drink only until you're palette is satisfied and call it quits. No need to go crazy at home.

4.) Add greens to your breakfast. There is something about eating greens with breakfast that makes my day start out on the right foot. If it is a week day, since I am still going to the hospital, I like to throw spinach or kale in my smoothie. If it is a weekend day I might start out with an omelet with spinach and avocado. It gets things moving and adds in a little iron and vitamin K to breakfast.

5.) Keep taking those supplements. At the moment the only pill supplement I am taking fish oil 2x per day. I usually have my smoothie in the morning with a protein powder and collagen powder. Post workout I might have a protein shake with a scoop of glutamine powder. Since I am not as active (I haven't been hiking or snowboarding or coaching classes at F45 the past 2 months) I am not supplementing more than I need too. I also haven't been lifting heavy weights because I do not have a lot of gym equipment available in my home so much muscles haven't been as sore. Besides that my adding supplements to my diet has remained the same as if I weren't in quarantine.

6.) Drink more water. Hey, you're home right? The bathroom is probably 10 steps away from your work station. All the more reason to stay hydrated, the excuse that you are driving a lot or always on the go no longer applies! Even though I am still going to work everyday I have been trying to drink more water every day. It makes me feel so much better to stay hydrated and helps to keep those headaches away.

7.) Move that body! Take a break, go for a walk, it will help your sanity. Get that Vitamin D, and add steps for the day. Listen to a podcast and or music while you take a walk. Take advantage of the headspace and get your mind freeing.

Those are just some tips I've used the past 2 months to stay positive and busy. Luckily, the weather is getting nicer now so hopefully as we transition back into normal life we can spend more time outside.

Stay safe everyone!



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