Peanut Butter + Berry Smoothie

Berry smoothies are my jam in the summer! I love anything that has peanut butter on it and this smoothie hits the spot with its frozen berries and nutty taste. I used a chocolate peanut butter protein powder that hits the spot. I have been eating them for breakfast or for a post workout snack. And they are truly a great replacement for ice cream.

I paired them with my favorite fiber GG Scandinavian crackers. These fiber crackers don't taste like much of anything on their own but they sure taste good with a smoothie and some added peanut butter. I like to buy big bags of organic frozen fruit at Costco because most of the time it is more cost efficient.

And I slurped this smoothie down with my newest find, these adorable, eco-friendly silicone straws. Trying to save the turtles is a plus in my book, so I am happy to have silicone straws on hand!

So enjoy this delicious smoothie and feel free to throw these same ingredients into frozen Popsicle molds as well. There are no rules when it comes to food or recipes, and there are always replacements and substitutions for ingredients. If you aren't obsessed with peanut butter like me, add almond butter. Your choice.




Peanut Butter + Berry Smoothie

Yield: 1 smoothie



1/2 cup              almond milk, unsweetened

1/4 cup              water

1 handful          ice cubes

1 tbsp              ground flaxseed     

1 scoop          Nutristat Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake Protein Powder

1/2 cup          frozen berries

2 tbsp            natural peanut butter


Method of Preparation:

1.) Mix in a blender or nutribullet and enjoy!



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