Culinary Nutrition

How did I get started loving nutrition? Here is my story.

You could say my passion for nutrition came during the gap year I took in college. I was traveling around the U.S. doing a national community service program called AmeriCorps NCCC. I was on a team of 11 people and we were given $4.75 a day per person to spend on food. WHOA. Of course we had to combine this money collectively as a team to develop recipes for 3 main meals each day. Snacks were paid for out of our own pocket. And Let's just say we shopped at Walmart a lot...

During this time I called myself a Vegetarian so I literally would not have to eat at fast food restaurants with the rest of my team. I remember being in Alabama at a Popeyes and sitting in the van in the parking lot while the rest of my team ate lunch. I would rather go hungry than put greasy, less than nutritious food in my body. We were given MREs at one point when we were in New Jersey doing hurricane relief work. Constantly eating on the go was so stressful to me because there really were not a ton of 'healthy' vegetarian fast food options that were also nutritious.

I took this gap year to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Throughout these 10 months I was researching recipes for our team to make for dinner, always on Pinterest trying to find healthier versions of main dishes. Every time we were in the grocery store I would wander the isles reading labels, each time we went out to eat I ordered modified items from the menu. Around this time it dawned on me that I needed to pursue this interest.

Fast forward 6 years to where I am today. Three years of culinary school, and a BS degree in Culinary Nutrition. Still going to the grocery store for fun, raiding the cupboards at home to see what random ingredients I can find and turn into a cookie, and growing a garden in my back yard to have my own vegetables. Nutrition truly is my passion, I love to create healthy, delicious food for others to eat. There is something about baking and cooking for other people that fires up my heart- it makes me so happy. I think some things you can't put into words, and my journey learning about food and the emotion and passion attached to it is one of them. But I do know one thing for sure. I want to share this passion with other people.

So, welcome to my recipe collection, I hope you enjoy making these recipes as much as I do!

Grilled chicken + Brussels Sprout salad
Grilled chicken + Brussels Sprout salad

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