My Journey

My passion for fitness and nutrition began when I entered culinary school. I so badly wanted to learn how to fuel the body to it’s fullest potential and create the perfect diet for optimum performance and function. Whilst studying nutrition I stumbled on weightlifting and fitness competitions, simply because it absolutely terrified me to step on stage in front of hundreds of people in a bedazzled bikini. Pairing nutrition and fitness for life-changing results physically, mentally, and emotionally completely changed my life. Now, three years later my devotion and ambition towards teaching others about fitness and nutrition grows daily. 

When I am not in the gym I am hiking a mountain, baking anything with chocolate peanut butter, reading a mystery novel or a scientific study about nutrition, or listening to a podcast. I am inspired by books, nature, anything fitness and surround myself with happy, giving people. I love spending quality time with friends and family, and traveling delightfully warms my heart. I love sharing my passion and I believe it is my calling to bring joy to others through fitness and living a positive, healthy lifestyle!

My Philosophy

Build the body you want, inside and out. Fuel your body with affluent nutrition and treat your body with the utmost kindness, training hard and resting fully. Having been through my own challenges related to fitness and nutrition, I know the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Living your healthiest life does not happen overnight, it takes small daily steps to change your life in the long run.